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Office Moving

For over two decades, All Furniture has been dedicated to serving businesses in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area. Throughout this period, we’ve recognized two critical factors at the heart of every office move: minimizing downtime and adhering to budgets. These factors remain consistent regardless of the size of the move.

Relocating a commercial entity involves intricate planning and coordination beyond basic packing and moving. A successful move requires an experienced project manager who can customize every aspect to fit your specific needs. Our team of commercial movers is equipped with specialized tools to handle the complexities of commercial relocations, including disconnections, weight considerations, and various dimensions. We utilize hydraulic lifts, bookcarts, dollies, and totes to ensure a seamless process.

One distinct advantage of choosing All Furniture is our comprehensive service offering that goes beyond the move itself, eliminating the need for multiple vendors. Addressing the common concern of minimizing downtime, our project managers implement strategies such as late Friday transitions, modular furniture disassembly and assembly, furniture installation, and other solutions.

Additionally, we provide a range of supplementary services, including:

  • Expert Modular Furniture Installation
  • Thoughtful Furniture Liquidation, Repurposing, and Disposal
  • Secure Electronics Destruction and Recycling
  • Efficient Computer Disconnection and Reconnection Services
  • Methodical Electronics Destruction and Recycling
  • Secure Document Destruction and Shredding
  • Reliable Storage Options

By partnering with All Furniture, you gain not only a successful relocation but also a comprehensive solution that caters to your diverse corporate requirements.

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