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Library / Records Moving

A crucial part of any move is the proper handling of library and filing room contents.  Over the last 23 years All Furniture has extensive experience relocating public and private library collections. Proper planning and insight into the safe and efficient handling of these materials is imperative to maintain the efficiency of your library services before, during and after the move

Using a combination of specialized equipment and our developed processes we ensure your entire inventory stays organized and accessible throughout the entire move process. From our fleet of book carts to our gondola mover which can relocate your shelving units fully loaded, we can provide the tools and manpower to facilitate any size project

We work closely with your staff to ensure that potential problems and delays are identified and eliminated before they occur.

We specialize in the relocation of:

  • Books and Serials
  • Documents
  • Microforms and Non-print Media
  • Artwork
  • File Rooms
  • Computers and A/V Equipment
  • Library and Office Furniture
  • Assorted styles and models of shelving

Other services include:

  • Consultation / Project Management
  • Space Planning
  • Reconfiguration of Existing Shelving
  • Installation of new shelving or mobile systems

Storage (short or long term)

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