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Flooring Take Up

All Furniture is dedicated to protecting what matters most to your business or the business or the business of your client.  This is why we work with some of the best local flooring installers in Minnesota to remove and prepare your floors for sleek and quality flooring/  All Furniture is here to help you make the right decisions for all of your flooring needs.

We have the equipment to handle any type of VCT, ceramic, carpet, or hardwood flooring. The floor covering and/or base is removed and disposed of working alongside the flooring installation company. Only as much carpet is taken up as can be reinstalled, generally working in phases of up to several hundred yards at a time.

Examples of equipment we use:

  • Panther Floor Scraper – Fast, easy, and safe – saving on labor time; Works on any floor surface without gouging subfloor
  • Scrape-Away – Removes any dry residue which has not penetrated the concrete floor surface; Scrapes unwanted residue off the floor without the use of harmful fumes
  • Powered Carpet Puller – Sets up to pull carpet in seconds; Works on any type of direct glued-down carpet over any type of floor surface; Helps save on labor costs

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