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Is a Standing Desk The Perfect Solution For Your New Home Office


These days many are working from the comfort of their home and couch. Working from the sofa is a friendly and comfortable option but is unfortunately terrible for your posture. You’ve probably heard others talking about how much better standing desks are for your health. Standing desks can help alleviate work-related aches and pains and keep you more productive.


With a new standing desk, you can enjoy the benefits of standing while you stay more active. Some of the benefits of using a standing desk include remaining more alert and not having a bulky desk take up too much space in your home. Standing desks of today are much simpler to hide when you’re not using them. Standing desks can help ensure you keep a healthy core, energy levels up, and stay productive, not to mention you can easily hide the standing desks of 2021 away whenever you choose.

Adjusting to Being Active and Productive From Home 

While working from a comfortable and quiet home is nice, it may also be a bit of a struggle for many to stay awake and focused. For some folks, a work environment that is too quiet may cause them to be less alert and productive. You may also find that you are much less productive than you were while working in an office.


Having the chatter of coworkers in the background and the option to join in on a conversation with them occasionally may have helped keep you feeling more alert. If it has been challenging for you to keep on track, a standing desk may be the answer for you.

Healthier Ways to Work From Home 

Sitting with poor posture can lead to many health risks, including misalignment, spine problems, and shoulder and neck pain. However, the way you stand is just as crucial as not sitting still all day. If you’re just replacing sitting with standing up, you aren’t doing much to benefit yourself.


It’s best if you’re able to rotate from sitting to standing all day. A standing desk is exceptionally versatile and has a paper-thin structure and body. The desk won’t be bulky and take up a lot of room in your living space. A standing desk isn’t an eyesore, and when you’re not using it, you can easily hide it away.


Leaning over a keyboard can have many adverse effects, including back and neckproblemsand carpal tunnel syndrome. Standing desks allow you to work with good posture and form.


However, when you begin using a standing desk, it’s best to start slowly. If you start standing all the time right away, you may overuse muscles that you hadn’t used much before.

Deciding if a Standing Desk is Best for You 

Standing desks aren’t new and have been around for years, but they’ve still taken up as much room as regular sitting desks until recently. If you are worried that you aren’t productive enough, working from home, and don’t have a lot of space for a home office, a standing desk may be the answer.


There are many different standing desks to choose from, and you will need to decide which one of these desks is best for you and your lifestyle.

Options for Obtaining a New Standing Desk

There are many options for different standing desks, and which desk you choose will depend on budget and personal needs. The four most popular choices for obtaining a new standing desk are listed below.

  • Purchase a new standing desk
  • Refurbish and adjust an old desk
  • Build your standing desk from scratch
  • Raise and redesign a regular sitting desk


Why a Standing Desk May be Best for You

If you recently began working from home, you might not have given it much thought. You may have chosen to set up a table in your living room or claim one end of the kitchen table as your new designated workspace. Some also choose to work on the coffee table from the sofa. Either option is okay for a little while, but it’s best to find a more permanent solution for the long term.


By now, everyone knows that sitting in one spot all day isn’t good for your health or back, especially if you slouch. Standing desks are not only better for you physically, but they also have some psychological benefits. Standing while you work can help boost your mood and increase productivity, and these desks are easily tucked away after use.

How to Plan for Building Your New Standing Desk

Depending on what you’re looking for, some standing desks can take a lot of time and money, and some will take very little. Building a new desk will not only have many health and productivity benefits, but you may enjoy it.


Things you can do to plan for your new standing desk:

  • Consider which style of a standing desk will work best for you
  • Think of the place you plan to use for your new desk
  • Choose which items you will need on your new desk and how much space you will need
  • Decide on your budget


Other Necessities to Go Along With Your Standing Desk 

Standing desks are generally healthier for you than sitting all day, but there’s more to getting in shape than simply standing on your feet. If you want to use the opportunity to get in better shape, there are other accessories to consider. You’ll want to consider many things, from the shoes you wear to your posture. Wearing the right shoes can assure you get all the health benefits from a standing desk while avoiding the drawbacks.


It is important to note that while standing may help keep you more alert and productive, and it’s not a replacement for exercise. Suppose you’re serious about being more productive and getting in better shape. In that case, you may want to consider these standing desk accessories.

  • A good pair of tennis shoes
  • Wobble balance board
  • A stair stepper
  • A mini desk elliptical
  • An under desk treadmill


Essential Things to Remember When Deciding On Your Desk 

It may surprise you how much standing or sitting in an awkward position all day while you work will cause aches and pains all over your body. Therefore, there are essential things to keep in mind when you decide on your desk.

  • Monitor height and keyboard height are the most important things
  • Desk height should be somewhere around the same height as your elbows
  • The screen should be around eye height

There are many various types of standing desks from which you can choose, including:

Static standing desks

Another name for static standing desks is ‘fixed standing desk.’ These desks remain in one fixed position. This desk is the least expensive option to purchase or build.

Adjustable-mechanical standing desks

You can adjust the height of these desks. A height-adjustable standing desk allows you to cycle between sitting and standing throughout your workday, which is exceptionally essential to your overall health and wellbeing.

Adjustable-convertible standing desks 

Adjustable-convertible standing desks have a height adjustment mechanism to change the height of the desk. These desks have an instant sit-stand conversion option, you can adjust the angles, and they have a paper-thin lightweight structure.

Adjustable-electric standing desks

An adjustable-electric standing desk is a desk that adjusts from sitting to standing positions by merely pushing a button. Adjustable-electric standing desks are the most popular option of standing desks. This desk lets you stand when you want to or sit when you need to concentrate.


Working a full work-week from the comfort of your sofa has its benefits. Still, it can also have quite a few negative impacts on your body. You may still be working there, sitting amid your kid’s toys and laundry. But if you want to work to your full potential, you will need a better workspace.

While we don’t have control over what’s going on in the outside world around us, we can avoid letting changes harm our health or career. In fact, you can make positive lifestyle shifts in your physical health and overall productivity by building your own invisible standing desk.

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