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Planning for a successful office move

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Your project manager will determine the crew and moving equipment needed for each move, and will document the project instructions for the dispatcher to relay to the crew running the job.  The dispatcher assigns the equipment, schedule, and manpower, in which it’s then reviewed by the project manager for accuracy.  Crew assignments may include special tasks assigned to specifically skilled crew members when needed.


Throughout the project, your account/project manager maintains close contact with the dispatcher and supervisor to manage project details.  They will make frequent on-site checks on every project to monitor progress, and is always available to answer questions and provide direction.


Customer service is key to our performance and your project manager will keep your team informed about project progress via phone, e-mail, and in person.  Updated project schedules will be provided as the project progresses, as well as when each building relocation is completed.  Your project manager is readily available via e-mail, cell phone, and office phone during business hours and via cell phone and e-mail after hours to accommodate any needs or answer and questions.

Project Execution and Quality

All Furniture follows proven procedures for each move and we utilize operating methods that ensure efficiency and quality.  Staff and equipment are readily available and any changes in the project can be easily and quickly accommodated.


The crew is deployed daily with clearly documented instructions.  The site supervisor will be on-site at all times to manage all moving activities, give directions, and keep the project manager informed, or to escalate questions if they arise.


We generally use two moving methods for operational efficiency.  For smaller moves, “the load and go” method involves posting the crew at origin to load all the furniture and equipment at one time and then proceed to destination to unload and set-up.  For larger moves the “round robin” method optimizes efficiency by staggering crews at both origin and destination.  Origin crews clear the building while destination crews simultaneously receive and set-up.  This process continues throughout the entire move with trucks revolving between origin and destination until complete.


Our moving crew takes every precaution to ensure quality.  We use special equipment and packing methods to guarantee the safety of your furniture, contents, and sensitive electronics throughout the move.  Large furniture and equipment such as freezers are shrink-wrapped and relocated using two wheel dollies.  Upon arrival the crew will lay down Masonite to protect flooring, install door jambs to protect door frames, and use corrugated wall protection for the doors.  Any detected damage should be documented and reported to your project manager.  Insurance options may apply.

Project Completion

We clean up and remove all moving equipment and materials on-site.  Upon completion of each move, your supervisor will make a final inspection of the facilities at both origin and destination with one of your representatives to ensure all items have been moved and placed to your satisfaction.


Once all stages of the project have concluded we allow 4-5 days to complete unpacking.  We will then return to pick up all equipment still on-site.  Your project manager will conduct a final project review with you to receive your feedback and ensure satisfaction.

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